Selection - Kafi, Khayal

Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty

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The message of the lyrics

Raga Kafi

Vilambit Jhumra (Slow Tempo 14 Beats)

O my soul, wake up and cling to his feet. Arise, sleep no more, and do not forget his mercy. All your wants will be met if you take refuge in him.

Madhyalaya Jhamptaal (Medium fast tempo 10 beats)

O God, I forget relations of many kinds with you. I shall come to you if you desire.

You are kind, you are full of mercy and pardoner of all our faults. I long for the blessed union with you. I do not know when my yearning will be satisfied.

Drut Teentaal (Fast Tempo 16 Beats)

[The Cuckoo is a darling warbler both to the requited and unrequited lovers. The music that a Cuckoo makes in wilderness defies attempts at notation, but evokes in the mind of the listener's various emotions.]

O Cuckoo, go to the forest and light the lamps of the music. Whenever I hear your song set to the fifth note I am transported from remote to remoter places. I devotedly pray to the Almighty for granting me that ethereal music.


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